Glyph and Glaive

Placeholder cover for Glyph and Glaive, book two in the Witherclaw Trilogy by Stephen Taylor


Foneth has endured three years of siege. The war is particularly taxing to Jinaten Tenswords Teserot, a military hero who has led Foneth’s defense since the untimely deaths of two previous commanders.

After narrowly escaping multiple assassination attempts in the span of a day, Jinaten finds herself on the run, framed for the murder of the guards who saved her life. Her only allies seem to be a lowly messenger and Giovel Ullin.

As her own Lances cut off any lines of refuge, Jinaten finds herself hunting for a hidden ring of mages called the Onyx Order—an organization ostensibly concealed by Foneth’s own Optacracy. The only paths left to her seem to be fleeing Foneth or partnering with her enemies to unravel the webs of treachery encompassing the city she has sworn to protect.

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