Cover for Candle and Claw, book one of The Witherclaw Trilogy by Stephen Taylor.
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Candle and Claw

A young father tries desperately to find a magical cure for his daughter, while Giovel Ullin, newly appointed Divine Mage, struggles to stop him from destroying their city in the process.  Filled with hard magic, flawed characters, and epic conflicts, Candle and Claw will appeal to fans of Brent Weeks and Brandon Sanderson.

Cover art for Glyph and Glaive, an epic fantasy novel by Stephen Taylor
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Glyph and Glaive

Framed as a traitor, Jinaten Tenswords Teserot finds herself hunting for a hidden ring of mages called the Onyx Order—an organization ostensibly concealed by Foneth’s own Optacracy. The only paths left to her seem to be fleeing Foneth or partnering with her enemies to unravel the webs of treachery encompassing the city she has sworn to protect.

Coming October 1, 2024.

Placeholder cover for book three of The Witherclaw Trilogy by Stephen Taylor.

Book Three

With no clear path home through her own efforts, Varan Witherclaw sets out to discover the origin of the fabled spell behind Vindil’s destruction. This glyph might shed light not only the founding of the Divine Order but on the nature of all spells since—including the one that brought Varan to Foneth in the first place.

Publication date TBD.

What readers have to say about The Witherclaw Trilogy:

“… an innovative and fresh approach to magic.”

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“The characters in Candle and Claw are contradictory yet complementary, imperfect yet admirable—they’re human at their core and refreshingly so.”

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“… action packed and full of excitement.”

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“I loved how real the characters felt and how genuine their motivations are.”

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“… a carefully spun web of multiple mysteries, missions, magic and humanity that all collide in a gripping climax.”

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