There Are Many Paths to Tread (Part II): 6 Different Publishing Paths for Indie Fantasy Authors

How do independent fantasy authors get published and sell their books? This article looks closely at how six indie fantasy authors have done this.

There Are Many Paths to Tread (Part I): 5 Unique Publishing Journeys of Fantasy Authors

So how do fantasy author get their books published? In this month’s post, I’ll use Bilbo’s “A Walking Song” to dig into the many varied paths fantasy authors traverse from coming up with a story idea to getting that idea published.

7 Books Miyazaki Fans Should Read

There’s really no way to perfectly fit another story–movie, book, or other format–into a perfectly Miyazaki-shaped picture frame. That said, there are stories out there that strike a similar chord or share traits Miyazaki fans will probably recognize and care about. Here are just seven books that have done that for me.